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THRYV's On a Mission To Help Small Business America

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

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About Ryan Cantor Ryan Cantor is Vice President of Product & Marketing at Thryv, driving ever-evolving innovations for SMBs throughout the United States. Ryan has amassed more than 15 years of business leadership experience, including earlier stints with technology leaders Apple and AOL. Within two years at Thryv, Ryan spearheaded the transformation of the 100-year-old business into a new era, creating a comprehensive Software as a Service platform, enabling clients to manage CRM, scheduling, payments and marketing from a single dashboard. Answering the call to shepherd America’s SMBs through the much-needed journey from analog to digital to automation, Ryan’s teams delivered more than 500% revenue growth and 650% user-engagement growth in 18 months. Ryan has a BS, Business Administration – Finance from the State University of New York at Fredonia, and an MBA, Business Administration from Clarkson University.

A Deeper Look Inside of THRYV

Thryv’s software helps small business owners get the job, manage the job and get credit. Thryv’s award-winning platform provides modernized business functions, allowing businesses to reach more customers, stay organized, get paid faster and generate reviews. These include building a digital customer database, automated marketing through email and text, updating business listings across the internet, scheduling online appointments, sending notifications and reminders, managing ratings and reviews, generating estimates and invoices and processing payments.

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