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J.R. McNair

Startup Expert   |   Corporate Speaker   |  Philanthropist

An Atlanta native, J.R. McNair began his entrepreneurial pursuits at 10 years of age when he started a local landscaping business. A graduate of Wofford College, J.R. enjoyed a successful collegiate and international football career before returning to the States to continue his entrepreneurial pursuits. 
Considered the nation's foremost startup expert, J.R., has assisted over 4,200 small businesses and startups. In the fall of 2016, Mr. McNair founded The Velocity Accelerator, a Georgia-based Startup Accelerator, with focuses on the Tech, Medical and Agriculture Industries. In addition to his business pursuits, J.R. founded the Georgia Crowdfund, Inc., which helps to build startup communities throughout Georgia. 

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Katherine X.

Creative Mutant   |   Interior Designer   |   Creative Strategist

I am Katherine X.  I am a Dominican, Born NY Raised and Atlanta Made woman. I am a creative mutant and an Interior designer & creative strategist. I have a unique perspective because I previously reshaped my mind and my diet, lost 55 lbs., learned to cook plant-based organic, natural foods for my family & friends, & deepened my spiritual faith in the process and incorporated psychology into my interior design, brand design, and event design process. 

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