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This Doctor is Using Emerging Technology to Help People Change Their Mindset and Lose Weight

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Dr. Franchell Hamilton, Chief Medical Officer of Fresh Tri, Bariatric Surgeon, Author, and Speaker

After years of performing weight loss surgeries and treating patients with chronic conditions such as depression, diabetes and substance abuse, Dr. Hamilton realized our healthcare system is broken. As a provider she was treating but not resolving or healing which is what she originally set out to do. Her surgeries helped, but she found the mindset was stronger than her surgery.

Dr. Hamilton has now joined Fresh Tri to help teach this mindset in order to resolve and not just treat chronic conditions through their digital health mobile app. Their

mission is to help the vulnerable population live better and healthier even if they do not have the access in their own communities.

Dr. Franchell Hamilton is the author of the book: Transformation is a mindset: The journey to changing your input and your world, as well as the author of the popular blog, The Roots in Health for Psychology Today.

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