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Thriving no longer Surviving Real Estate Investor Terrica Smith on Real Estate Radio

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Real Estate Radio brings you the movers and shakers on the nation's hottest Real Estate Markets. Real Estate Radio-Atlanta features investors, developers, builders, brokers, and innovators from across the Southeast. This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Terrica Smith of Salt Capital Equity Group from the Louisiana market, A successful investor and educator.

Everyone has their own struggles, doubts, and pitfalls in life, but what you choose to do with them determines your level of success. Overcoming lies, abuse, abandonment, and pain is only the beginning of Terrica’s life story she shares in her 2018 publication of “Frightened, Scared, and Alone No More!!!!”

Terrica started her Real Estate career in 2006 shortly after surviving Hurricane Katrina. In 2011 Terrica founded Cachet Real Estate, a real estate brokerage established on three core principles of being Vibrant, Strong, and Prestigious. While she thought it would be the love of houses that inspired her most, it was really her love of people. Helping clients from all over the world invest, develop, buy, or sell a home is really about helping clients start a new chapter in their lives.

Real Estate Radio-Atlanta airs weekly in both audio and video formats on

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