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From Tech to Real Estate with Developer Joel Dixon

Quick Facts

Born & Raised: Atlanta

Seasoned member of Atlanta Technology Community Technology Mentor/Advisor/Investor Graduate of Stanford University

What do you do at Urban Oasis Development ? Urban Oasis Development is a residential and commercial real estate development firm with developments primarily Intown/Westside/Southwest Atlanta. We craft thoughtful developments that produce inclusive and flourishing neighborhoods. We utilize real estate as a community development tool. About Joel Dixon Joel Dixon is Principal of Urban Oasis Development. Urban Oasis is a real estate development company focused on residential and commercial projects intown Atlanta. He oversees Business Development & Community Development along with Investor Relations.

Joel has been involved in both market rate and affordable housing development with strong community-based support. He has been instrumental in helping facilitate growth of Urban Oasis and in-house construction partner Sims REG by mobilizing private and public sector resources. In addition to Urban Oasis projects, Mr. Dixon has provided real estate and community advisory services to a variety of 3rd-party commercial/residential acquisition projects totaling over $125MM.

Joel is a graduate of the Urban Land Institute’s prestigious Center for Leadership (CFL) and has been an active ULI member serving as a 2018 CFL Day Chair and member of ULI Atlanta’s Creative Development Product Council. He has a B.S. in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University and Certificate of Mandarin Chinese from Beijing Language and Culture University.

He was raised John Hope/University Homes, the oldest public housing project in America for black people (now Villages of Castleberry), located in the West End/Castleberry Hill area of Atlanta. He is well-connected with Atlanta's grassroots and business community leadership. Website - LinkedIn -

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