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Advocating for Reproductive Justice and Health Equity

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Meet Alisha Liggett, MD founder and executive director of Empower Her Health

Dr. Alisha Liggett is a family medicine physician, strategist, writer, and educator who incorporates the lived experience of Black women and the challenges they face navigating health care. Throughout her career, she has worked in clinics caring for medically disenfranchised clients all over New York City. She has authored several published articles, trained & mentored dozens of health care practitioners, and taught of health education seminars in the Harlem community. ​

Dr. Liggett founded Empower Her Health, which offers medical expertise in health equity, reproductive health education, elimination of bias in the healthcare experience, and a voice for the Black maternal health throughout the lifespan.

They are a reproductive health and justice consultancy that provides health consultations, coaching, trainings, and thought leadership around health equity, reproductive health, and social justice.

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