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From Startup to Acquisition with John Hightower of Arch & Tower.

Quick Facts

Born & Raised: South Atlanta Acquired within 30 months by leading CPA firm: Frazier & Deeter Partnered with Ritz Carlton Founder Horst Schulze: What do you do at Arch & Tower? We help organizations win by understanding the needs of their customers, unlocking the full potential of their employees, and removing their operational barriers. We do this by converting effective principles into practical processes in three key areas: Customers, Employees, and Operations (CEOx). The beautiful byproduct is engaged teams oriented toward great results and deeper purpose. About John Hightower John Hightower is the CEO of Arch + Tower | an FD Company . John co-founded the company and led the firm from inception through acquisition. Arch + Tower has served firms across various industries and sizes, notably Chick-fil-A and alongside the Founder of the Ritz-Carlton - Horst Schulze. In 2019, Arch + Tower was acquired by Frazier & Deeter, a national ranked accounting firm, with offices across the United States and a budding footprint in the United Kingdom. John has worked with leading brands in their respective industries: SAP, Ritz-Carlton, Coca-Cola, Leadercast, Chick-fil-A, Spanx, Home Depot, McDonald’s as well as many start-ups and nonprofits.

John is an Atlanta Business Chronicle 40 Under 40 alumni and has been featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution Business Section, Simply Buckhead and has been referenced/thanked in 10+ books by authors in the business and faith communities. He has served on multiple boards - Ga. Tech Business Network, Wisdom Hunters and Viva for Children. With a passion for travel John has traveled to 33 countries - with a majority of travel supporting humanitarian aid missions. A bit of an adventurer John summited Mt. Kilimanjaro and loves the outdoors.

John, his beautiful bride Bethany and two daughters reside in the Greater Atlanta Area, GA. John is an honor graduate from Georgia Tech, received his MBA from Auburn University and certificate in Entrepreneurship Essentials from the Harvard Business School. Website - LinkedIn -

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