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Mastering The Structure of development Projects with Susan Verlander on Real Estate Radio

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Real Estate Radio brings you the movers and shakers on the nation's hottest Real Estate Markets. Real Estate Radio-Atlanta features investors, developers, builders, brokers, and innovators from across the Southeast. This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Susan Verlander with SouthCreek Holdings from the Atlanta market, A master at putting design , build, fund, sales marketing of mastering planned communities. About Southcreek Holdings Susan Verlander founded Southcreek Holdings, national land development and consulting firm in 1989. Southcreek has advised national and international land development teams of planned communities successfully selling over one billion dollars of new homes and home sites. The firm specializes in design, funding, developing, sales, and marketing of master-planned communities, TND developments, resorts, private and semi-private golf communities, and clubs.

Real Estate Radio-Atlanta airs weekly in both audio and video formats on

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