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Leading The Global Real Estate Revolution

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Tom Hardiman is the Executive Director of the Modular Building Institute and for 16 years has been behind the World of Modular Conference. After starting off with a business and sales background, Hardiman saw fit to switch to the modular construction industry 16 years ago. The global construction industry is on the rise with an estimate $4.4 trillion a year and leading its innovation is the Modular Building Institute. Once a year, The Modular Institute hosts The World of Modular in a choice destination across the country. This year Orlando was chosen as the host city where thousands of real estate innovators from across the world to discuss the modular real estate industry. The purpose of the World of Modular Conference is to help educate others about better ways to build.

Since the Modular Building Institute is the "information clearing house for industry" as Tom Hardiman refers to it, it is important for them to educate the public on why it is so important to switch to this industry. With growing infrastructure issues, not having enough people to build, this industry provides a safer environment for these workers to operate in, thus bringing more workers onboard.

The fastest growing market in the past few years when it comes to modular construction has been multifamily homes and hotels. This industry will continue to succeed by reaching audiences from local to out of the country and educating them. That education begins here at the World of Modular Conference. Be on the lookout in 2021, it is coming to San Diego, California.


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