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Generation Z takeover with Chad Carrodus on Real Estate Radio

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Real Estate Radio brings you the movers and shakers on the nation's hottest Real Estate Markets. Real Estate Radio-Atlanta features investors, developers, builders, brokers, and innovators from across the Southeast. This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Chad Carrodus from the Atlanta market, award-winning entrepreneur, and Generation-Z expert.

Chad takes time to understand his clients' needs, plus building authentic relationships,

allowing complete honesty and transparency. In assuring confidentiality and discretion,

Chad has become a go-to resource for high profile entertainers, athletes, business and political leaders, and UHNW individuals. From working in the fast pace world private jets to running an investor-backed tech startup, Chad brings a rare perspective. While this experience may sound unrelated, it has translated into a first-class client experience in luxury real estate. Sharp attention to detail and a five star level of customer service come from Chad's stint in private aviation. He sold charters for private jets and various private aviation services. He then moved into technology, where he served as CEO for a software company before co-founding a mobile app, which makes meeting people online safer and more organic.

Known to have a gift for pioneering creative solutions in the face of barriers others considered impossible, Chad's passion for luxury real estate is, in part, driven by an intrinsic motivation to develop custom solutions for each client's unique needs. However, Chad's passion for real estate stems from building meaningful relationships, turning clients into friends, all while being able to show others the Atlanta he knows and loves.

Atlanta Real Estate Radio airs weekly in both audio and video formats on

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