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The Importance of Managing Custom Home Projects with Eric Koehler on Real Estate Radio

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Real Estate Radio brings you the movers and shakers on the nation's hottest Real Estate Markets. Real Estate Radio-Atlanta features investors, developers, builders, brokers, and innovators from across the Southeast. This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Eric Koehler from Southland Development the Atlanta market, award-winning custom home builder, and Community development expert.

About Eric Koehler

Eric Koehler, founder of Southland Development, must have sawdust running through his veins. Since the age of 16, when he supervised a crew renovating his parent’s home, Eric has loved construction. At Clemson University, he received a BS degree in Construction Science and Management – a rigorous program encompassing engineering, logistics, management, technology, and more. During college, he also interned at BEERS Construction, a large commercial builder, in their Specialty and Interiors Division.

After his fast rise as a project manager and director for large commercial and residential construction companies, Eric Koehler decided in 2008 to take all of that knowledge and start his own remodeling and construction company – Southland Development Services. In less than a decade, Eric has led the Southland team to become one of Atlanta’s biggest upscale home remodeling businesses and winner of the national Big50 Award from Remodeling Magazine in 2015.

Atlanta Real Estate Radio airs weekly in both audio and video formats on

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1 Comment

Jun 01, 2020

Great Interview. I wish he would have said a little bit more about how he got his start in the game.

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